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Navigate easily through the city with your favorite apps. Stay in touch with your family and friends and share your great moments on social media. The longer you make use of our PocketWiFi rental service, the less you pay!


1 to 3 days

€ 9.50 per day (incl. VAT)

4 to 6 days

€ 9.00 per day (incl. VAT)

7 or more days

€ 8.50 per day (incl. VAT)


Extra services

Optional products



€ 6.00 per order (incl. VAT)

A powerbank is a portable charger for your phone, PocketWiFi and other electronic devices.


€ 12.50 per order (incl. VAT)

Protect yourself from damage, loss and theft. The deposit and your own risk will be reduced to €90.

+ 5GB's EU

€ 17.50 per order (incl. VAT)

Add 5 GB’s data extra to your initial 14 GB’s International data plan europe and stay connected everywhere.