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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us via e-mail, WhatsApp or the chat below.



+ What is a Pocket WiFi?

A PocketWiFi also known as mobile wifi router (MiFi), it is a small wireless pocket-sized mobile hotspot that connects to the internet through a 4G mobile network. It gives you a private, reliable and fast internet connection wherever you are, while saving a fortune on data roaming fees.

+ Why do I need Pocket WiFi?

First of all, to avoid the extremely expensive roaming costs. We have no additional costs or hidden fees. With our portable WiFi, you will have a high speeds access to the internet at a limited cost. Take it wherever you go and explore easy all the beautiful things our country has to offer.

+ How much does it cost?

Between €8,50 and €9,50 per day. Depending on the rental period and the number of days. Fast delivery & pickup at the designated address in Amsterdam for €9,95.For the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport delivery & pickup service, we ask a fee of €18,50. We recommend you look at our shop

+ How does the deposit work?

After the procedure and checkout process will we immediately pre-authorize the full charges of € 150 from your credit card as a security deposit. The deposit will only be taken in case of loss or damage or when the equipment is not returned. The pre-authorization will be returned immediately when the equipment is returned in perfect state.

+ Is it possible to extend my rental period?

Yes, that is absolutely possible! Please contact us at least 24 hours before the end of your rental period: or call/message us at +31 53953144


The device

+ What are the product specifications?

You will get a Huawei E5577 model. With a Li-lion, 1500 mAh battery.

+ What is the size of the device?

It is a pocket-sized slim device. It's smaller and lighter than an iPhone 4!

+ How long does the battery last?

The battery in use will last up to 6 hours. We recommend you to charge it every night.

+ Do I need a powerbank?

Our Pocket WiFi battery last for 6-8 hours straight, but if you want to charge your Pocket WiFi on the go we offer a powerbank. A powerbank is a mobile charger that can be charged in advance for your phone, tablet or Pocket WiFi. Stay charged all the time and rent a powerbank!


Data and Network Coverage

+ Is unlimited data really unlimited?

Our unlimited data offer is really generous and dedicated to big users. Network operators see 5GB per day as unlimited data. You have 5GB in 4G LTE speed per day, after that it will turn to 3G. Every day at 00:00 o'clock it will supply you with new GB's. In other countries than the Netherlands, you get 10 gigabytes for the whole rental period.

+ What areas are covered?

The whole Netherlands and other countries in the EU:

Belgium, Bulgaria, Canarian Island, Cyprus (Greek Part), Denmark, Germany, Estland, Finland ,France, Greece ,Hungaria,Ireland, Iceland Italia, Croatia, Letland, Liechtenstein, Litouwen, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Austria, Polen, Portugal, Romenia, San Marino, Slovenia, Slovakie, Spain , Chez Republic, Great Britain, Sweden


Orders and Returns

+ Do I have to book in advance?

Yes, we recommend booking your Pocket WiFi before your rental period starts so we can deliver your packages on time. Last minute minutes order are possible, but it's better you secure one for yourself before you arrive.

+ Do you have a pickup and drop off store?

PocketWiFi Amsterdam is a webshop with delivery and pickup service.

+ How does the delivery and return work?

Our Pocket WiFi rental services deliver anywhere in Amsterdam City Center or at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. We deliver the Pocket WiFi to your hotel, apartment, AirBnB, office in Amsterdam or at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. Be sure you book one day before your rental period starts, so we can deliver your package on time.


You do not have to be present for receiving your portable WiFi. We’ll hand over your package to the front desk, so when you check-in you'll receive it from them.

AirBnB or office

We need to meet you in person if you choose this delivery way. We'll bring your portable WiFi to the designated address in the designated time slot. If you want more bit more specific delivery time, just send us an email or WhatsApp message.


A day before you leave our service team will reach out to you to discuss the best pick up time and place. If you're staying in a hotel you can leave at the front desk. At the airport well be meeting again at the meeting point or after some instructions it's possible to leave it behind at the baggage storage.

Have you changed address within in Amsterdam?

Don’t worry, please contact us via email or WhatsApp and we arrange the pickup at the address that you're staying that moment.

+ How does the delivery at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport work?

When you've arrived at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport our service team will be waiting for you at the meeting point. It's a big grey three-dimensional cube. You can find this point in front of the Burger King within Schiphol Plaza. The delivery team is wearing a black PocketWiFi Amsterdam t-shirt, so they're very easy to spot.

It will take you approximately one hour to get to the meeting point (transfer to the gate, get luggage and clear customs). We'll track your flight, so when anything changes in case of early arrival or delay we shall anticipate. If we didnt receive your flightnumber please let us know ontime.

We recommend you to download the WhatsApp Messenger app on your telephone before you arrive. In case you can't find us, you can text us via the free WiFi of the airport. +31653953144 is the number you need to call/text for all your questions about our service, products or delivery and return arrangements. .

+ I would like to receive the pocketwifi at the Airport, what should i fill in as shipping address?

If you key in Schiphol Boulevard the rest will fill in by itself automatically. Or you can key in the address: Evert van de Beekstraat 202, 1118 CP Schiphol.

+ How does return with a prepaid registered envelope works?

We can provide you with a prepaid registered envelope if you would like to send it back form every city in the Netherlands or Europe. You can drop the envelope into a local post box or a UPS store. Registered Mail gives you the added security of proof of posting and confirmation of delivery. This way you can be sure that delivery has been completed. If you want to make use of this return mode you need to select this in the check out form.



+ What includes an insurance?

If you want to travel safely we offer insurance for €12.50 per order that provides protection from theft, damages and lost. Insurance is available as an additional option for your rental, by reducing the amount of the deposit to €90 (instead of €150).