About us

Our team consist of young entrepreneurs who all share a passion for traveling. As we all know, without good internet connection traveling can be challenging, even for the most experienced travelers. You want to get the most out of your precious time, so you don't want to stare at a city map and walking in cirkels. In fast spaced lifestyles, what we want is easy and fast solutions and that also includes when we are traveling or a business trip. This is why we sell an opportunity and that is our PocketWiFi.

With our PocketWiFi you can easy discover the best places Amsterdam has to offer you. Easily navigate yourself through the city with your favorite apps, keep your family and friends up-to-date and share great moments on social media. Or if you do not want to stand in line at the Anne Frank House for an hour, just quick order a online ticket on a secure 4G network and safe yourself lots of time (ssst... just a small tip from us to you!).

We're the leading WiFi - rental provider in Amsterdam. We offer short and long-term mobile WiFi rental service for leisure or business. Our aim is that everyone can use secure WiFi for a responsible price everywhere in the Netherlands and we want to offer you the best and easiest courier service. We said enough, get your bags and we'll see you soon in Amsterdam!

 ❤  Team PocketWiFi Amsterdam